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Copia Communications in Jamaica: Excellence for All

        Jamaica is a beautiful island, a country rich in history, hospitality and a stunning environment. No wonder travelers flock to this peaceful destination, where they relax amidst incredible scenery while enjoying exceptional service from a preferred hotel or resort. These benefits do not preclude access to the outside world. Meaning: even […]

Communications and Hospitality: A Winning Combination

    One of the hallmarks of excellent service is an emphasis on necessities that seem like luxuries. For example: there are many premium hotels, some of which are in exotic locales, where basic Internet access is non-existent. While this fact may be hard to believe – how can a top resort or hotel not […]

The Wi-Fi Revolution, Or:The Medium Is the Message

    Care to name the single most important feature travelers want from a hotel or resort? Put aside fanciful notions of sumptuous beds and inviting views, of decadent meals and beautifully appointed spas. All of these things matter, and we should never discourage hoteliers from offering the very best accommodations and suite of services. […]

Copia Communications in Action: Results and Expertise

                    The power of Copia Communications rests with one essential concept: expertise. That is, our professionals have the ability – and the wisdom – to customize solutions for hotels and resorts throughout the Caribbean in general and Jamaica in particular. By offering a variety of communications […]

Copia Communications and the Caribbean: Wi-Fi Excellence

The Caribbean has a deserved reputation as a travel destination filled with natural beauty and acclaimed resorts and hotels. All of this is true, but if there is a misconception about this area – a benign idea about the difference between “work” and “play” – it centers around the way travelers use the Internet. Meaning: […]

Wi-Fi in the Caribbean? SuperClubs Offers Wi-Fi from Copia Communications

An in-depth conversation with Matthew Tippins, Director of Marketing for SuperClubs: The World’s Favorite Super-Inclusive Resorts. Matthew discusses the value of offering guests quality Wi-Fi service, complemented by expert staff and top resources from Copia Communications.

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