Copia Communications and the Caribbean: Wi-Fi Excellence

The Caribbean has a deserved reputation as a travel destination filled with natural beauty and acclaimed resorts and hotels. All of this is true, but if there is a misconception about this area – a benign idea about the difference between “work” and “play” – it centers around the way travelers use the Internet. Meaning: all hotels and resorts, even those in locales where relaxation is a veritable national pastime, must provide reliable and convenient Internet access. For this wall of separation between business travelers and leisure travelers no longer exists — people want to get online for a variety of reasons; and hoteliers need a credible partner to achieve this goal. Enter Copia Communications, a one-stop source for Wi-Fi and other technological solutions throughout the Caribbean.

An additional point about this region: the Caribbean is a global destination, drawing a diverse array of people, all of whom want to access email, social media, breaking news and communicate with friends and family. Enabling travelers to do that – allowing them to stay online within the grounds of a hotel or resort – is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity for hoteliers who want to stay competitive in a highly selective marketplace.

As this blog evolves, we welcome your feedback since communications is the foundation of our business. With our emphasis on clarity and excellence, we look forward to continuing this dialogue.



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