Communications and Hospitality: A Winning Combination



One of the hallmarks of excellent service is an emphasis on necessities that seem like luxuries. For example: there are many premium hotels, some of which are in exotic locales, where basic Internet access is non-existent. While this fact may be hard to believe – how can a top resort or hotel not have Wi-Fi access? – it is may be all too common within the hospitality industry. Until now.

Copia Communications changes this dynamic by empowering hoteliers with innovative technology. In other words, hotels in the Caribbean now have a trusted partner who can customize solutions that meet the requirements – the Wi-Fi specifications of a given property – for guests who want one very simple thing: the ability to get online – and stay online – with speed and convenience. That means sending and receiving email, using social media, finding news, corresponding with friends and coworkers — staying connected. Period.

Copia Communications delivers on that promise with results that meet the expectations of hotel owners, operators and managers. A winning combination, indeed!




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